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Daniel B. Bortnick

Daniel B. Bortnick’s career has  been inspired by a fascination with technology and creative possibilities flowing therefrom.  Early on, concepts involved with Star Trek have always intrigued him and later inspired his career.  Along with science, he has always been inspired by music and art which are related to his interests in technology.  Initially in his career, he was interested in being a professional musician.  He developed an interest in electronics while pursuing his music career and this interest led to a career in electronics and software technology.  His early work was involved in the development of Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) technology which inspired him to pursue an Electrical Engineering degree.  He later worked for Allen-Bradley which became Rockwell Automation where he had diverse technology experience ranging from Computerized Numerical Control (CNC) to Programmable Logic Control (PLC).  He was involved in many technology areas during his 15 year career at Rockwell that included microprocessor development, analog circuit/system development, and firmware/software development related to control systems and circuits.  His software activities included machine language algorithms, digital/analog conversion algorithms, control algorithms, along with higher language software development (C, C++, Basic, Fortran, and so forth) executed on a microprocessor-based platform.  He continued his Electrical Engineering studies at Cleveland State’s Fenn College of Engineering where he earned a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering Degree.  He later pursued a legal degree at Cleveland Marshall College of Law after being inspired by the movie “A Few Good Men.” 

 He began the practice of Law in 1999 at Amin & Turocy, LLP (now Amin, Turocy, & Watson, LLP) where he has legal experience in most areas of high technology.  He has focused on patent preparation and patent prosecution along with non-infringement opinion work related to litigation.  Technology areas in which he has worked as an attorney includes control systems, analog/digital circuits, amplifiers/receivers/filters/attenuators, and switching/linear regulator circuits.  He has been heavily involved with all areas of wireless technology including time/frequency domain encoding/decoding, Viterbi algorithms, Fourier transformation, cell phone technology, encoding/decoding for wireless data transmission/reception, and so forth.  Other significant areas of his legal experience include Artificial Intelligence (AI), neural network learning, digital data compression technology, operating systems, structured database technology, advanced memory circuits/fabrication, and the application of machine learning for the advancement of technology.  Substantial integrated circuit fabrication experience includes formation of substrates and complex deposition/etching of advanced materials forming integrated circuits.  Experienced in fiber optics technology along with advanced optics and related imaging technology.  Advanced aviation system experience includes guidance systems (e.g., multi-axis fiber optic gyroscopes and controllers) and aircraft/vehicle controllers used in military applications.  Ironically, his career came back to its earliest inspiration when he worked on an optical “cloaking device” patent application which mirrored his earliest fascination with Star Trek.  Dan has been married over 35 years and has two sons, a daughter, and two grandchildren.  His personal interests include music, art, science, movies, outdoors, physical activity, baseball, baking, cooking, food preparation, and mental/physical health.


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