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Gustavo A. Narvaez, Ph.D.

Dr. Gustavo A. Narvaez is a registered patent agent and has over a decade of experience in all aspects of patent preparation and prosecution in computer-related technologies, physics, semiconductors, automotive sensing, and mechanical and electromechanical technologies. Dr. Narvaez also has experience developing strategies for patent procurement, including defensive and offensive patent filing and general patent portfolio development.

Dr. Narvaez has drafted well over 500 patent applications and prosecuted hundreds of other patent applications. Technologies covered in those applications included machine learning, wireless telecommunications, industrial automation, electronic commerce; semiconductor processing and packaging technologies; and mechanical and electromechanical equipment, to list a few examples. He also has expertise to assist with technologies in the quantum arts, including quantum devices, quantum computing, and quantum communications.

Dr. Narvaez is fluent in Portuguese and Spanish. He also has significant international experience having lived in a few countries across the Americas.

Patent Agent

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Dr. Narvaez has a doctorate degree in physics and postdoctoral research experience in electronic and optical properties of semiconductors. Dr. Narvaez held various positions of increasing responsibility conducting research in solid state physics. His experience includes stints as a research associate at a U.S. national laboratory and as a scientist at a small technology company in Florida.


B.S., Physics – INSTITUTO BALSEIRO, S. C. Bariloche, RN, Argentina (top physics school in the country)