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Amin, Turocy & Watson has obtained thousands of patents for its clients. Many firms boast of high quality work product, but only few achieve it. Drafting a thorough specification and concise, artful claims are two key components for generating high quality patents. The following are patents drafted by the firm that clearly demonstrate the high quality patents obtained by Amin, Turocy & Watson. We take great pride in obtaining these and many other high quality patents.

8,436,884Image forming apparatus
8,437,236Optical information recording/reproducing apparatus and method
8,437,499Preemptive change verification via electronic signatures in industrial automation systems
8,437,984Visualization employing heat maps to convey quality, prognostics, or diagnostics information
8,438,014Separating speech waveforms into periodic and aperiodic components, using artificial waveform generated from pitch marks
8,438,191Incremental association of metadata to production data
8,438,358System-on-chip with memory speed control core
8,439,259Code reading apparatus, sales registration processing apparatus, and code reading method
8,440,357Fuel cell catalyst regeneration
8,441,105Semiconductor device, wafer structure and method for fabricating semiconductor device
8,441,926Method and system for a novel flow admission control framework
8,441,928Real-time rate control mechanism for multi-rate data transmissions in wireless networks
8,442,542Using mobile communication devices to facilitate coordinating use of resources
8,442,685Robot control apparatus
8,442,933Web-based visualization mash-ups for industrial automation
8,443,023Frequency synthesis rational division
8,443,847Electric wire end treatment device and electric wire end treatment method technical field
8,445,321Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
8,445,372Selective silicide formation using resist etch back
8,445,916Semiconductor light emitting device and method for manufacturing same
8,445,976Micro movable device
8,446,302Time to digital converter and all digital phase-locked-loop
8,446,610Image forming apparatus, power-saving control method, and computer-readable recording medium in which power-saving control program is recorded
8,446,800Time information acquisition apparatus and radio wave timepiece
8,447,114Method and apparatus for calculating pixel features of image data
8,447,185Optical transmitter, optical receiver, and optically coupled insulating device
8,447,309Intelligent routing of communications to an international number in a messaging service
8,447,328Location estimation of a mobile device in a UMTS network
8,447,660Article sales data processing apparatus and sales data editing method
8,447,709Information terminal and control method for storing image pickup data of a sales floor, and totaling and displaying sales data
8,447,907Constituting a control system with virtual and physical backplanes and modules as building blocks
8,447,978Wireless communication method using WPS
8,448,517Sheet processing device
8,448,798Dispensing closure with pliable sealing surface
8,448,861Code reading apparatus and control method
8,450,208Semiconductor device manufacturing method
8,450,597Light beam pattern and photovoltaic elements layout
8,450,803Semiconductor device and DC-to-DC converter
8,451,111Image display apparatus and method for displaying an image
8,451,366Image capturing device with automatic focus function
8,451,471Image forming apparatus, power saving control method, and computer-readable recording medium having recorded therein power saving control program
8,451,773Dynamic lightweight remote management of hybrid femtocell gateways
8,451,784Virtual neighbor objects for managing idle mode mobility in a wireless network
8,451,965Semiconductor integrated circuit, radio communication device and time to digital converter
8,452,248Multi-band RF combiner
8,452,305Regulation of service in restricted telecommunication service area
8,452,665Commodity sales system, terminal, and method of controlling the terminal
8,453,069Thin client system, server apparatus, client apparatus, and storage medium
8,453,726Corrugated settling cup and a multi-cup uniform flux gas anchor
8,453,932Commodity information reading apparatus and commodity information reading method
8,454,095Apparatus for unloading bulk materials
8,455,268Gate replacement with top oxide regrowth for the top oxide improvement
8,456,227Current mirror circuit
8,456,567Imaging apparatus, imaging method, and computer-readable storage medium storing program therein
8,456,782Cost effective design for a current transformer with an integrated magnetic actuator
8,456,804Solid electrolytic capacitor with cathode terminal and anode terminal
8,456,819Personal storage device with charging capability
8,457,082System and method for providing integrated voice and data services utilizing wired cordless access with unlicensed/unregulated spectrum
8,457,304Efficient encoding processes and apparatus
8,457,549Multi-user MIMO relay protocol with self-interference cancellation
8,458,156Learning common spelling errors through content matching
8,458,350Control and communications architecture
8,458,355Dynamic media bit rates based on enterprise data transfer policies
8,458,393Flash memory and operating system kernel
8,459,770Inkjet recording apparatus and recording method by the same usable with recycled paper
8,459,781Inkjet head and method of manufacturing the same
8,459,803Multi-source projection-type display
8,460,184Airway management
8,461,659Solid state imaging apparatus
8,461,743Electrostatic actuator apparatus and method of driving the same
8,461,911Semiconductor switch for switching terminals
8,463,296Location-based services in a femtocell network
8,463,647Electronic shelf label system
8,464,021Address caching stored translation
8,464,897Attachable, replaceable skid pad for receptacle
8,464,947System and method for authenticating products
8,465,577Blue, red, and yellow dye compounds, and black ink composition comprising the same
8,465,897Electrophotographic toner
8,466,894Apparatus and method for displaying information
8,467,271Date displaying apparatus
8,467,274Hand position detecting device and electronic timepiece
8,467,732Wireless communication apparatus
8,467,762Frequency converting device, television device and frequency converting method
8,469,065System for loading particulate matter into a transport container
8,469,110Methods for increasing oil production
8,470,595Mesenchymal stem cell and method for production thereof
8,471,794Driving circuit for display apparatus, and method for controlling same
8,472,284Radio controlled timepiece
8,472,371Roaming support for wireless access subscriber over fixed IP access networks
8,472,815Toner cartridge
8,473,630Adaptive video streaming using time-to-offset mapping
8,473,682Cache unit and processing system
8,473,854Visualization profiles and templates for auto-configuration of industrial automation systems
8,473,917Enhanced operation diagnostics
8,475,579Black ink composition
8,475,685Particle and near-field optical waveguide
8,475,993Toner and method for producing the same
8,476,695Self aligned narrow storage elements for advanced memory device
8,476,724Spin wave device
8,476,956Semiconductor switch
8,477,658Intelligent peer-to-peer media streaming
8,477,805Wireless communication apparatus and wireless communication method
8,477,927Proactive telephone number mapping configuration management
8,478,320Collaborative radio resources allocations to applications of mobile units
8,478,805Frequency synthesis with low resolution rational division decomposition
8,481,908Solid-state imaging device
8,482,024Light emitting device and method for manufacturing same
8,482,126Semiconductor device
8,482,271Switching power supply with inductor current detection storage
8,482,459Positioning device, positioning method and storage medium storing program
8,482,470Electric device with an antenna device and a solar panel
8,482,506Transient liquid crystal architecture
8,482,585Printer and medium
8,482,998Storage device and method for controlling storage device
8,483,016Time information acquiring apparatus and radio-controlled timepiece
8,483,187Wireless communication system and wireless communication method
8,483,650Management of a multi-application mobile carrier tree
8,483,702Chromatic scheduler for network traffic with disparate service requirements
8,483,713Location determination for calls within a femtocell
8,483,752Device network technology selection and display in multi-technology wireless environments
8,484,018Data converting apparatus and method that divides input data into plural frames and partially overlaps the divided frames to produce output data
8,484,113Incentivized adoption of time-dependent insurance benefits
8,484,250Data federation with industrial control systems
8,484,474Methods for firmware signature
8,484,520Processor capable of determining ECC errors
8,484,661Agnostic execution cluster for an agnostic execution environment
8,484,665Industrial controller automation interface
8,484,818Using leverage to facilitate removal of a nut
8,485,745Thermal printer and drive control method of thermal head
8,485,903Electronic gaming device with feedback
8,486,598Electrophotographic toner
8,486,599Developer and image forming apparatus
8,487,418LED package
8,487,516Scanning of wireless environment in a femto-based home macro sector
8,487,688Semiconductor device
8,487,972Decoloring apparatus, image forming apparatus, and decoloring method
8,488,025Sub-frame tapered reset
8,488,258Enhanced depth of field based on uniform relative illumination via lens with large distortion
8,488,618Dual-connect service box with router bypass
8,488,879Image processing device and image processing method
8,488,943Trimming media content without transcoding
8,489,005Image forming apparatus, alignment pattern forming method, and computer-readable recording medium having toner image alignment program recorded therein
8,489,210Electronic operator interface based controller and device automatic downloads
8,489,238Robot control apparatus
8,489,389Electronic apparatus with dictionary function and computer-readable medium
8,489,535Library synchronization between definitions and instances
8,489,924Evaluating apparatus and evaluating program product
8,490,156Interface for access management of FEMTO cell coverage
8,491,108Ink jet recording apparatus
8,491,672Method of manufacturing metal foil for electrolytic capacitor
8,493,094Trigger signal detection apparatus
8,493,245Determination of long binary sequences having low autocorrelation functions
8,494,285Joint semantic segmentation of images and scan data
8,494,363Signal format conversion apparatus and methods
8,494,557Timed fingerprint locating in wireless networks
8,494,856Speech synthesizer, speech synthesizing method and program product
8,494,972Valuation using credit score
8,495,150Method and apparatus for bouncing electronic messages
8,495,240Method and apparatus for data communication utilizing the North American terrestrial system
8,495,314Source side weak event implementation
8,495,409Host controller, semiconductor device and method for setting sampling phase
8,495,410Sampling phase correcting host controller, semiconductor device and method
8,495,456Cooperative concatenated coding for wireless systems
8,496,047Heat dissipating apparatus extended laterally from heat pipe
8,496,066Methods for increasing oil production
8,497,305Phenylcyclobutylamide derivatives and their stereoisomers, the preparation processes and uses thereof
8,497,521LED package
8,497,721Pass gate shadow latch
8,497,847Automatic soft key adaptation with left-right hand edge sensing
8,498,267Access control for macrocell to femtocell handover
8,498,648System and method for constructing a carrier to interference matrix based on subscriber calls
8,498,951Approximate hashing functions for finding similar content
8,499,012System and method for attached storage stacking
8,499,087Service-based routing for mobile core network
8,500,325Buffer member, shock buffering structure of electronic device, and electronic device
8,502,265Light emitting device having different multi-quantum well materials
8,502,323Reliable normally-off III-nitride active device structures, and related methods and systems
8,502,350Stacked layers of nitride semiconductor and method for manufacturing the same
8,502,646Article management apparatus and its system
8,502,905Solid-state imaging device
8,503,157MEMS device
8,503,357Radio system, radio base station and radio terminal
8,503,370Site based media storage in a wireless communication network
8,503,628Party information for data-capable communication device
8,503,697Pickup signal processing apparatus, method, and program product
8,503,795Store system, reading apparatus, and sales registration apparatus
8,503,966Semiconductor integrated circuit and receiving apparatus
8,504,005Controlling and mitigating dropped communications
8,504,032Femtocell service registration, activation, and provisioning
8,504,495Approximate hashing functions for finding similar content
8,504,837Security model for industrial devices
8,504,859Data interface power consumption control
8,505,711System for conveying biomass for collection, transport, or processing
8,505,817Code reading apparatus and code reading method
8,506,187Printing apparatus including plural printheads and a drive mechanism for the platen rollers
8,506,188Printing apparatus including plural printheads and a drive mechanism for the platen rollers
8,506,189Printing apparatus including plural printheads and a drive mechanism for the platen rollers
8,506,355System and method for in-situ inspection during metallurgical cross-sectioning
8,506,375Community card poker game
8,506,656Systems and methods for producing fuel compositions
8,506,696Erasable liquid ink
8,507,927Semiconductor device with high density optical chips and manufacturing method thereof
8,508,344Information registering apparatus and information registering method
8,508,649Compact distorted zoom lens for small angle of view
8,509,643Fixing apparatus, image forming apparatus and fixing method
8,509,756System and method for reporting loss of broadband connectivity
8,509,806Classifying the position of a wireless device
8,509,807Location reporting responsive to transitions in motional state of wireless equipment
8,510,256Inter-facility movement estimation apparatus, method and program
8,510,311Pattern search apparatus and method thereof
8,510,801Management of access to service in an access point
8,512,461Inkjet ink and inkjet ink manufacturing method
8,514,665Time information acquiring apparatus and radio-controlled timepiece
8,515,385Emergency notification system for a portable device
8,515,870Electronic payment systems and supporting methods and devices
8,517,266Checkout terminal and control method for the same
8,520,437High read speed memory with gate isolation
8,520,826System and method for real-time blocking of a telephone call
8,521,094Power control in cognitive radio systems based on spectrum sensing side information
8,521,169FEMTO jamming of macro pilot
8,522,312Access control lists and profiles to manage femto cell coverage
8,523,007Reinforced dust pan and refuse container
8,523,336Ink supply apparatus
8,525,006Input device and recording medium with program recorded therein
8,525,399Electron emission element including diamond doped with phosphorus
8,525,686Variable adjustable door latch
8,525,823Liquid crystal display device
8,526,038Transmitting a print job, including destination information, from a network terminal to a printing apparatus through a print server
8,526,059Printing calibration processing apparatus, image forming apparatus, and printing calibration processing method
8,526,362Dynamic reconfiguration of cell site service(s)
8,526,868Image alignment adjusting apparatus
8,526,934Interoperability of first responder devices
8,527,627Intelligent mobility application profiling with respect to identified communication bursts
8,528,064Web based system that allows users to log into websites without entering username and password information
8,528,809Personal identification number input apparatus, control method for the same, and card processing system
8,529,143Printing apparatus including plural printheads and a drive mechanism for the platen rollers
8,529,272Rotary connector device
8,530,659Pharmaceutical composition containing cyclometalated N-heterocyclic carbene complexes for cancer treatment
8,531,602Audio enhancements for media
8,531,690Linkage system of plural multi function peripherals
8,532,061Adaptive handover mechanism for heterogeneous wireless network
8,532,526Image forming apparatus and image forming method
8,532,654Detecting subscriber input via a wireless communication device for initiating network provisioning of such device
8,532,679System and method for providing a single telephone number for use with a plurality of telephone handsets
8,533,351Data reception processing apparatus, image forming apparatus, and data reception processing method
8,533,354Initiating media presentation prior to receiving seek index data
8,533,619Dynamically generating visualizations in industrial automation environment as a function of context and state information
8,534,567Method and system for creating and using barcodes
8,534,804Ink-jet head and method of manufacturing ink-jet head
8,534,938Printer and method for switching between standard mode and liner-less mode
8,536,329Reactive dye
8,536,460Composite double-sided copper foil substrates and flexible printed circuit board structures using the same
8,537,183Printing device and data writing method thereof
8,537,188Portable thermal printer
8,537,189Thermal printer and driving method thereof
8,537,397Image processing apparatus and check control method for controlling an output image check function
8,537,428Image reading apparatus, control method thereof, and image forming apparatus
8,537,439Print calibration processing apparatus, image forming apparatus, print calibration processing method and image forming method
8,537,674Data bundling and fast dormancy based upon interactivity
8,537,761Incorporation of mesh base stations in a wireless system
8,538,213SSC chip, fiber array attached with SSC, PLC module attached with SSC and method for manufacturing SSC
8,538,296Image forming apparatus with reduced leakage from a charging device
8,538,421Management of network technology selection and display in multi-technology wireless environments
8,538,440Femto parameter profiles based upon nearby access point
8,538,593Method for integrating individual load forecasts into a composite load forecast to present a comprehensive synchronized and harmonized load forecast
8,538,806Systems and methods for establishing transactions utilizing a data store of billing information
8,539,115Server device, system, and operation environment management method
8,539,356Image forming apparatus, authority management method of image forming apparatus, and authority management system of image forming apparatus
8,539,413Frequency optimization using useful skew timing
8,540,883Polymer composite, water-treatment method using the same and manufacturing method of the same
8,541,156Method for erasing image
8,541,861Infrared detection device
8,542,348Color sensor insensitive to distance variations
8,542,373Image processing apparatus and sheet diverting method
8,542,558Time information acquiring apparatus and radio controlled timepiece
8,542,760Full-rate distributed space-time codes for cooperative communications
8,543,095Multimedia services include method, system and apparatus operable in a different data processing network, and sync other commonly owned apparatus
8,543,239Robot control apparatus
8,543,582Updateable metadata for media content
8,543,720Dynamic bit rate scaling
8,545,577Catalyst component for aviation and jet fuels
8,547,168High current drive switched capacitor charge pump
8,547,376Three-dimensional immersive system for representing an automation control environment
8,547,521Systems and methods that control liquid temperature in immersion lithography to maintain temperature gradient to reduce turbulence
8,547,631Semiconductor optical amplifier
8,548,169Communication apparatus, key server, and data
8,548,260Learning apparatus and object detecting apparatus
8,548,777Automated recommendations from simulation
8,549,097Web application for accessing media streams
8,550,313Sift-resistant dispensing closure
8,551,590Multilayer film and packaging material
8,552,166High-affinity nucleic acid aptamers against sclerostin protein
8,552,840Product managing apparatus and control method
8,552,875Efficient and safe door locking control in power-off and power-on conditions
8,553,646Employing physical location geo-spatial co-ordinate of communication device as part of internet protocol
8,553,855Conference support apparatus and conference support method
8,555,356Network-agnostic content management
8,557,495Developing agent and method for producing the same
8,558,224Organic light-emitting diode, display and illuminating device
8,558,498Drive device
8,559,118Fixed focal length optical lens architecture providing a customized depth of focus optical system
8,559,182Device module and electronic device
8,559,255Controlling AC disturbance while programming
8,559,533System and method for selecting wireless signal bandwidth based on signal strength measurements provided by wireless receivers
8,559,940Redundancy mechanisms in a push-to-talk realtime cellular network
8,560,533User interaction based related digital content items
8,560,756Hybrid flash memory device
8,560,761Memory resource management for a flash aware kernel
8,562,035Self-aligning safety lock
8,563,712Hydroxy-substituted gold(III) porphyrin complexes as histone deacetylase inhibitors
8,564,020Transistors and rectifiers utilizing hybrid electrodes and methods of fabricating the same
8,564,803Image forming apparatus, image forming system, and information generating method
8,565,073Dynamic rerouting of data paths in a wireless communication network
8,565,134Sleep mode selection employing a semi-markov decision process
8,565,150Architectural model for LTE (long term evolution) EPC (evolved packet core) deployment
8,565,557Free view generation in ray-space
8,565,771Handover relation identification utilizing network events
8,566,136Method for the secure logging of correspondence and notification thereof
8,566,403Message content management system
8,566,923Enhanced organization and automatic navigation of display screens facilitating automation control
8,567,673Code reader, sales data processing apparatus and method
8,568,680Gas treatment by catalytic ozone oxidation
8,569,852Magnetic oscillation element and spin wave device
8,570,155Mobile terminal device, program storage medium, and information displaying method for displaying information for user in display area part not covered with RFID tag
8,570,218Satellite radiowave receiver and satellite radiowave receiving method
8,570,674Optical pickup actuator
8,570,839Time-information obtaining apparatus and radio-controlled timepiece
8,570,989Wireless network brokerage method and system
8,570,993Wi-Fi intelligent selection engine
8,571,691Scaling and parameterizing a controller
8,571,874Speech interactive apparatus and computer program product using output prompts and user responses
8,571,904Self sensing component interface system
8,572,082Method and device for generating a similar meaning term list and search method and device using the similar meaning term list
8,572,087Content identification
8,573,753Inkjet head and method of manufacturing the inkjet head
8,575,984Multistage latch-based isolation cell
8,576,052RF tag reader and writer
8,576,142Display device and control method therefor
8,577,995World wide web content synchronization between wireless devices
8,579,199Code symbol reading apparatus and reading method
8,579,442Advertisement content selection and presentation
8,580,403Organic light-emitting diode, display and illuminating device
8,582,230Hard disk drive, method for estimating back electromotive force, and method for controlling velocity of head
8,582,427Pseudowire protection using a standby Pseudowire
8,582,458Femtocell automatic speed test
8,582,722Rotary anode X-ray tube
8,582,880Method and apparatus for calculating features of image data
8,583,417Translation device and computer program product
8,584,093Pre-condition generation device, post-condition generation device, and method for generating these conditions
8,584,096Change management methodologies for industrial automation and information systems
8,584,179Information output apparatus, information processing system and information processing method
8,584,625Storage type water heater
8,584,859Cover tape for packaging electronic part and electronic part package
8,584,949Code reading apparatus and method
8,584,962Information processing apparatus and information processing method
8,585,213Projection-type display and control thereof
8,585,281Electronic timepiece
8,585,282Shock absorbing member for wristwatch and wristwatch
8,586,638Parakeratosis inhibitor and skin preparation for external use
8,586,764Organic dyes and preparation method thereof and dye-sensitized solar cells
8,586,790Anhydride derivatives of 2-(S)-(6-methoxy-2-naphtyl)-propanoic acid, preparation method and use thereof
8,588,061Application wire
8,588,525Transformation invariant media matching
8,588,577Timer-recording managing apparatus, timer-recording managing method and recorder
8,588,578Conversion of video data to playable format
8,588,698Bluetooth-enabled femto pilot gating
8,588,737Methods, systems, and computer-readable-mediums for managing rollover usage units of communication services
8,588,778System and method for femtocell reselection
8,589,390Data creating apparatus and data creating method
8,589,458Electronic calculator with touch screen
8,590,114Watch band and wristwatch
8,591,931Coronary stent with asymmetric drug releasing controlled coating
8,592,055Compound for organic electroluminescent device and organic electroluminescent device having the same
8,593,286System and method for wireless monitoring of sports activities
8,593,399Interface apparatus and method for controlling a device
8,593,468Scalable high performance 3D graphics
8,593,685Image processing apparatus and color deviation adjustment control method
8,593,926Information storage device, information recording medium, and information storage method
8,594,041Inhibiting system traffic from unregistered mobile stations
8,594,516Image forming apparatus and genuine product determining method for toner cartridge
8,594,542Image control for detecting an adjustment pattern and generating an edge detection signal
8,594,593Frequency converter and transmitter
8,594,681Intelligent routing of communications to an international number in a messaging service
8,594,720Electronic device provided with wireless communication function, detection of whether the electronic device is in a used condition or an unused condition function, and shifting the electronic device to a power-saving mode function
8,595,215Apparatus, method, and computer program product for processing query
8,595,306Content management for wireless digital media frames
8,599,076Radio wave receiver and method for producing radio wave receiver
8,599,081Solar energy collection antennas
8,599,125Liquid crystal display device, backlight used for same display device, method for driving same backlight and method for manufacturing same backlight
8,599,173Tracking approaching or hovering objects for user interfaces
8,599,650Marker detecting apparatus and radio-controlled timepiece
8,599,867Communication environment switchover
8,600,064Apparatus, method, and computer program product for processing information
8,600,186Well focused catadioptric image acquisition
8,601,218Data caching in consolidated network repository
8,601,340Time varying data permutation apparatus and methods
8,601,435Module class subsets for industrial control
8,602,667Printing device operating in a plurality of conveyance modes
8,603,722Toner producing method and toner
8,604,854Pseudo single-phase flip-flop (PSP-FF)
8,605,128Thermal printer and method for controlling the same
8,605,324Image processing system, image processing method, and computer readable recording medium storing program thereof
8,605,343Automatic document feeder, method of transporting document, and image reading apparatus
8,605,492Memory device, recording method, and recording and reproducing method
8,605,721Scalable island multicast for peer-to-peer media delivery
8,606,124Toner cartridge
8,606,128Image forming apparatus and method of controlling image forming apparatus for more efficient printing
8,606,237Methods and apparatus of over-the-air programming of a wireless unit
8,606,707Integrated wireless and wireline billing and services management
8,606,928Diverse network relative addressing resolution
8,607,023System-on-chip with dynamic memory module switching
8,607,139System and process for managing content organized in a tag-delimited template using metadata
8,607,181Method for converting a single channel hardware module into a multi-channel module
8,607,307Scalable and flexible information security for industrial automation
8,609,199Carbon nanotube growing process, and carbon nanotube bundle formed substrate
8,609,314Developing agent and method of manufacturing the same
8,609,574In situ olefin polymerization catalyst system
8,610,314Switching phase offset for contactor optimization
8,610,742Graphics controls for permitting background size changes
8,610,790Programmable data readout for an optical sensor
8,610,810Two-by-two pixel structure in an imaging system-on-chip
8,611,030Optics for an extended depth of field
8,611,213Transmitting delay-tolerant data with other network traffic
8,611,328Communications terminal, a system and a method for internet/network telephony
8,611,450Multiple-input multiple-output signal detectors based on relaxed lattice reduction
8,611,617Similar image selection
8,611,923Method and system for providing location information for emergency services
8,612,399Alteration detecting apparatus and alteration detecting method
8,612,410Dynamic content selection through timed fingerprint location data
8,612,517Social based aggregation of related media content
8,612,880System and method for document management
8,612,886Sequential function chart (SFC) online editing without reset
8,613,575Indexable cutting insert
8,614,725Rewritable printer
8,615,064Phase locked loop circuit and receiver using the same
8,615,189Image forming apparatus and image forming method
8,615,262Selective caching of real time messaging threads
8,615,374Modular, configurable, intelligent sensor system
8,615,548System and method for deferred data downloading
8,615,557Systems, apparatus, methods and computer-readable storage media facilitating information sharing via communication devices
8,615,627Raid system based on calculated average of mechanical loads and solder joint damage and controlling method of the same
8,616,792Printing apparatus including plural printheads and a pinch roller arrangement
8,618,699Information processing terminal and method for preventing an electric shock from the information processing terminal
8,618,791Double-coil inductive proximity sensor apparatus
8,618,856Shadow latch
8,619,105Image forming apparatus and method of adjusting head pressurizing force
8,619,298Method of notifying job status in image forming apparatus
8,619,784Mapping PBT and PBB-TE traffic to VPLS and other services
8,620,071Adaptive compression of multi-level images
8,620,200Image forming apparatus and control method
8,620,298Capacity management of an asynchronous transfer mode interface in a wireless communication infrastructure
8,620,308Method and apparatus for a distributed roaming master (DRM) in wireless data networks
8,620,309Policy enabled roaming gateway in a communication network
8,620,319Intelligent algorithm to determine service availability and presentation to user
8,620,350Timed fingerprint locating for idle-state user equipment in wireless networks
8,620,361Intelligent routing of SMS and MMS messages to short codes
8,620,692Insurance visibility
8,620,951Search query results based upon topic
8,620,997Client apparatus, computer system, computer readable program storage medium and display method, each for detecting change of display contents in status bar area to display the change
8,621,163Management apparatus for improved database registration and update
8,622,293Label issuing device and label issuing method
8,623,505Decolorizable color developing particle comprising color components present in concentration gradient
8,624,921Industrial automation visualization schemes employing overlays
8,625,138Server apparatus, image forming system, and method of managing print data
8,625,335Magnetic storage element, magnetic storage device, and magnetic memory
8,625,534Throughput for inter-radio access technology handover
8,625,676Video bitstream decoding using least square estimates
8,626,143Mobile device management through an offloading network
8,626,151Proactive latency-based end-to-end technology survey and fallback for mobile telephony
8,626,223Femto cell signaling gating
8,626,319Modular energy load management
8,626,444Safety based road map navigation
8,626,510Speech synthesizing device, computer program product, and method
8,626,937Server device in thin-client system
8,629,344Input apparatus and recording medium with program recorded therein
8,629,887Display apparatus, display method, and moving body
8,630,258Femto cell visitation history for automatic location area code planning
8,632,004Card processing apparatus
8,633,807RF tag reader and writer
8,633,845Low power slope-based analog-to-digital converter
8,634,084Data processing system and image forming apparatus
8,634,237Magnetic memory device
8,634,467Flexible Wyner-Ziv video frame coding
8,634,825Controlling and mitigating dropped communications
8,635,156Converting paper invoice to electronic form for processing of electronic payment thereof
8,635,357Dynamic selection of parameter sets for transcoding media data
8,635,360Media playback point seeking using data range requests
8,635,470System-on-chip with management module for controlling processor core internal voltages
8,636,219Reading apparatus, reading system and reading method
8,636,435Portable spreadable food dispenser system
8,637,217Electrophotographic toner and process for producing electrophotographic toner
8,638,931Signal descrambling detector
8,639,518Information retrieving apparatus, information retrieving method, and computer program product
8,639,862System-on-chip queue status power management
8,640,153Methods and systems for interactive television
8,640,211System and methods for universal password control
8,641,179Ink jet recording apparatus
8,641,209Positioning interfaces for projection display devices
8,642,240Electrophotographic toner
8,643,865Maintenance system and maintenance method for image processing apparatus
8,644,057Magnetic memory and magnetic memory apparatus
8,644,216Method and system for facilitating preemptive based radio channel access control
8,644,487Routing of contacts based on predicted escalation time
8,644,702Computer-implemented system and method for notifying users upon the occurrence of an event
8,644,832Redirecting handovers in LTE networks
8,644,963Extended active disturbance rejection controller
8,645,076Microbial monitoring and prediction
8,645,094Accurate gain implementation in CMOS sensor
8,645,446Multi-input IIR filter with error feedback
8,645,485Social based aggregation of related media content
8,646,227Mass producible solar collector
8,646,920Multi-source projection-type display
8,646,998Core holding structure and printer
8,647,799Erasable toner and method for producing the same
8,648,890Head pressurizing force adjusting device, image forming apparatus and method of adjusting head pressurizing force
8,649,048Memory storing data of a toner cartridge is provided, and control of transfer, fixing or the like is performed based on the data
8,649,595Subpixel-based image down-sampling
8,650,034Speech processing device, speech processing method, and computer program product for speech processing
8,650,399Memory device and chip set processor pairing
8,650,402General data hiding framework using parity for minimal switching
8,650,464Symmetric diagonal interleaving and encoding/decoding circuit and method
8,650,504Order receiving apparatus and order receiving method
8,650,558Online marketplace for pre-installed software and online services
8,651,473Feeder, feeding method, and image forming apparatus
8,652,818Method for extracting protein from a fermentation product
8,653,581HTO offset for long Leffective, better device performance
8,654,162Printing apparatus
8,654,371Image forming apparatus, power-saving control method, and computer-readable recording medium in which power-saving control program is recorded
8,655,283Cluster-based cooperative spectrum sensing in cognitive radio systems
8,655,361Femtocell service registration, activation, and provisioning
8,655,392Generic paging service for third-party applications over wireless networks
8,655,578Positioning device, positioning method and storage medium
8,655,641Machine translation apparatus and non-transitory computer readable medium
8,655,664Text presentation apparatus, text presentation method, and computer program product
8,655,752Apparatus and method for analyzing cross-enterprise radio frequency tag information
8,655,996Customized behavior of a control layer towards an application server in a packet-based network
8,656,083Frequency distributed flash memory allocation based on free page tables
8,656,460Intelligent network advertisement for network selection using EAP
8,658,159Method to induce and expand therapeutic alloantigen-specific human regulatory T cells in large-scale
8,659,979Inner frame and case unit
8,660,296Systems and methods for facilitating video fingerprinting using local descriptors
8,660,450Fixing device
8,660,483Antenna switching system and antenna switching method
8,660,556Femtocell use for radio frequency network sweeps
8,660,907Methods for determining customer motivations in purchasing decisions
8,661,098Live media delivery over a packet-based computer network
8,661,528Providing notice of patent and other legal rights
8,662,391Receiving and dispensing unit and self-checkout system
8,662,645Inkjet head and method of manufacturing the same
8,662,765Wafer level optics
8,662,779Spreadable fluid material dispenser apparatus
8,662,960Method for vibration polishing vehicle wheel
8,663,039Sporting base
8,664,373Method for producing sophorose lipid
8,665,229Settlement terminal and controlling method of the same
8,665,693Uplink single carrier frequency division multiple access multiple-input multiple-output soft interference cancellation receiver
8,666,044Electronic document answering machine
8,666,266Image forming apparatus and image forming method using a controlled toner supply operation
8,666,390Ticketing mobile call failures based on geolocated event data
8,667,570Home networking using LTE radio
8,669,036Producing method of toner
8,670,074Projector, projection method, and storage medium storing program
8,670,162Facsimile job managing apparatus, facsimile transmission processing method, and facsimile transmission processing system
8,670,388Dynamic lightweight remote management of hybrid femtocell gateways
8,670,466System and method for residence time calculation
8,670,467Network synchronized time base timer
8,670,557Cryptographic system with modular randomization of exponentiation
8,670,752Providing integrated service-entity premium communication services
8,670,819Optical biological information detecting apparatus and optical biological information detecting method
8,671,125Electronic calculator and computer-readable medium
8,671,386Program generating apparatus and block diagram generating apparatus
8,673,981Phenylcyclobutylamide derivatives and their stereoisomers, the preparation processes and uses thereof
8,675,125Minimized-thickness angular scanner of electromagnetic radiation
8,675,633Wireless communication apparatus capable of avoiding collisions
8,676,004Optical circuit switch optimization using optical circulators
8,676,155Conditional message forwarding functions
8,676,815Suffix tree similarity measure for document clustering
8,677,013Embedding controllers and devices with data to facilitate up-to-date control and configuration information
8,677,262Presentation of industrial automation data as a function of relevance to user
8,677,310Industry template abstracting and creation for use in industrial automation and information solutions
8,678,280Code reading apparatus, portable terminal, and commodity information processing system
8,678,688Printing device and method
8,679,520Coating of stents for preventing restenosis
8,679,698Module level redundancy for fuel cell systems
8,681,362Position detecting apparatus, position detecting method, and image forming apparatus
8,681,388Image forming apparatus and printing method allowing the switching of operation modes including power saving mode
8,681,466Magnetic core coupling in a current transformer with integrated magnetic actuator
8,681,558Parallel bitline nonvolatile memory employing channel-based processing technology
8,681,623Real-time rate control mechanism for multi-rate data transmissions in wireless networks
8,682,094Adaptive subpixel-based downsampling and filtering using edge detection
8,682,202Image forming apparatus that includes operation control unit controlling a plurality of fans for discharging ozone and a fixing device
8,682,278Telephony terminal
8,682,335System and method for constructing a carrier to interference matrix based on subscriber calls
8,682,380Estimating mobile local propagation environment characteristics for wireless communications
8,683,017Web-based configuration of distributed automation systems
8,683,249Switching a processor and memory to a power saving mode when waiting to access a second slower non-volatile memory on-demand
8,683,376Server unit, a client unit, and a recording medium in a computer system
8,683,686Method for connecting connector terminal
8,687,224Server apparatus, image forming system, and management method of image forming data
8,688,011Developing device, image forming apparatus, and image forming method
8,688,780Peer-to-peer exchange of data resources in a control system
8,689,120Visualization profiles and templates for auto-configuration of industrial automation systems
8,691,487Electrophotographic toner
8,692,858Portable thermal printer
8,693,035Data processing apparatus and data processing method for performing predetermined process at a different processing node
8,693,103Display device and display method
8,693,194Electronic apparatus
8,693,289Timepiece device with multiple-hand
8,693,397Macro network optimization with assistance from Femto cells
8,693,643Integrating visual voicemail within a threaded communication environment
8,693,911Image forming apparatus, resistance measuring device of recording medium, and resistance measuring method
8,693,912Fixing device and image forming apparatus
8,693,937Fixing device provided with pressure belt
8,694,008Multi-mode handset services
8,694,050Mobility management message analysis
8,694,159Robot control apparatus, disturbance determination method, and actuator control method
8,694,606Rate sensitive packet transfer mechanism over a peer-to-peer network
8,694,714Retargeting of a write operation retry in the event of a write operation failure
8,694,776Authenticated memory and controller slave
8,694,829Computer program product, failure diagnosis method, and communication apparatus
8,694,959Multi language editor
8,695,070User identification method applicable to network transaction and system thereof
8,695,072User identification method applicable to network transaction and system thereof
8,695,095Mobile malicious software mitigation
8,696,225Thermal printer and printing device
8,697,910Optically active quaternary ammonium salt having axial asymmetry and process for producing .alpha.-amino acid and derivative thereof with the same
8,698,335Low cost current source converters for power generation application
8,698,390Organic electroluminescent device and illumination apparatus
8,698,622Alerting based on location, region, and temporal specification
8,698,681Solar energy collection antennas
8,699,885Power control in an optical network unit
8,699,956Polyphase sequences for wireless communications
8,700,013Mediation router
8,700,065Location determination for calls within a femtocell
8,700,072Scalable message fidelity
8,700,512Financial planning based on contextual data
8,700,641Detecting repeating content in broadcast media
8,701,533Sheet material cutting device and printer using the same
8,703,282Core-shell type magnetic particle and high-frequency magnetic material
8,704,791Augmented I/O for limited form factor user-interfaces
8,705,322Timepiece device with multiple-hand
8,706,041Multiple-input, multiple-output cognitive radio
8,706,716Iterative and dynamic search of publicly available data based on augmentation of search terms and validation of data relevance
8,707,273Precondition generating apparatus
8,708,001Electric wire end treatment device and electric wire end treatment method
8,708,464Ink jet head and method of manufacturing the ink jet head
8,708,498Display apparatus for vehicle and display method
8,708,552Damping member, shock damping structure in electronic device, and electronic device using the shock damping structure
8,710,507Semiconductor thin film, thin film transistor, method for manufacturing same, and manufacturing equipment of semiconductor thin film
8,710,777Method for automatically estimating inertia in a mechanical system
8,711,209Method and system for automatic 3-D image creation
8,711,267Solid-state imaging device
8,711,869Message transfer apparatus, output method, and computer program product
8,712,153Subpixel-based image down-sampling
8,712,155Device for identifying types of document files
8,712,259Toner cartridge
8,712,853Code reading apparatus, sales registering apparatus, and sales registering method
8,714,812Electronic timepiece
8,716,050Oxide microchannel with controllable diameter
8,716,524Optically active quaternary ammonium salt having axial asymmetry and process for producing a-amino acid and derivative thereof with the same
8,716,919Drive apparatus
8,717,117Wideband active quasi-circulator
8,717,213Hybrid resistive digital-to-analog devices
8,717,490Imaging apparatus, focusing method, and computer-readable recording medium recording program
8,717,620Print server and print control method
8,717,633Printed image erasing system
8,718,251Party information for data-capable communication device
8,718,607Anonymous customer reference services enabler
8,719,036Voice dialogue system, method, and program
8,719,420Administration of access lists for femtocell service
8,719,489Hardware based wear leveling mechanism for flash memory using a free list
8,720,748Full open disk dispensing closure
8,721,177X-ray CT scanner
8,721,207Paper discharge apparatus, paper discharge method, image forming apparatus and image forming method
8,721,211Spreadable food dispenser system
8,721,904Method of manufacturing inkjet head and the inkjet head
8,723,869Biologically based chamber matching
8,725,124Enhanced deployment of applications
8,725,667Method and system for detection of tool performance degradation and mismatch
8,725,920Variable read latency on a serial memory bus
8,726,400Ex post facto review of claims made against proprietary content in a live data stream
8,730,285Decoloring apparatus, image forming apparatus, and decoloring method
8,730,319Display device, image data generating device, image data generating program, and display method
8,730,544Decolorizing device, sheet decolorizing method, and recording medium for recording decolorizing process program
8,731,048Efficient temporal search range control for video encoding processes
8,731,422Image forming apparatus and method for re-executing duplex printing
8,731,519Mobile handset extension to a device
8,731,521Methods and apparatus of over-the-air programming of a wireless unit
8,731,691HMI devices with integrated user-defined behavior
8,732,351System and method for packet splitting
8,732,480Memory management device and memory management method
8,732,658Layered interface in an industrial environment
8,732,727Agnostic execution cluster for an agnostic execution environment
8,733,644Self-chechout apparatus
8,733,899Inkjet head and method of manufacturing the same
8,736,243Control multiplexor for a switch mode power supply
8,737,278Full duplex wire-line transceiver with echo cancellation line driver
8,737,357Cell-to-WiFi switcher
8,737,375Code planning for wireless communications
8,737,860Image forming apparatus and image forming method
8,738,073Device network technology selection and display in multi-technology wireless environments
8,738,633Transformation invariant media matching
8,738,696Single subscription management for multiple devices
8,738,840Operating system based DRAM/FLASH management scheme
8,738,894Methods for firmware signature
8,740,324Image forming device and image forming method
8,741,364Method of improving fat metabolism
8,742,849Linear source follower amplifier
8,742,988Antenna and portable apparatus
8,743,776Point of sales and customer support for femtocell service and equipment
8,744,187Image identification apparatus and method
8,744,202Apparatus and method for coding image
8,744,283Image forming apparatus and image forming method
8,744,312Image forming apparatus and image forming method
8,744,367Tail optimization protocol for cellular radio resource allocation
8,744,607Method and apparatus for self-learning and self-improving a semiconductor manufacturing tool
8,744,831Simulation apparatus, simulation method and recording medium for recording simulation program
8,744,836Finite state transducer determinizing device and finite state transducer determinizing method
8,744,984Information terminal and control method that stores image time series data related to sales of commodities along with sales totals
8,745,156Communication device, host device, communication control method, and computer program product for transmitting file
8,745,311Flash memory usability enhancements in main memory application
8,746,779Tri-wing system for reduction of the aerodynamic drag of ground vehicles
8,749,591Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and image display device
8,749,892Auto-focus actuator for field curvature correction of zoom lenses
8,750,098Femtocell service through a secondary connection
8,750,562Systems and methods for facilitating combined multiple fingerprinters for media
8,750,682Video interface
8,750,862Performance diagnosis of wireless equipment and a wireless network over out-of-band communication
8,750,896Femtocell measurements for macro beam steering
8,751,910Staircase forward error correction coding
8,752,112Live streaming video processing
8,752,177Methods and systems that selectively resurrect blocked communications between devices
8,752,925Driving pulse application method and apparatus of an ink jet head
8,754,737Large inductance integrated magnetic induction devices and methods of fabricating the same
8,755,153Reproducing head with spin-torque oscillator, and magnetic recording and reproducing apparatus
8,755,702Image forming apparatus and toner replenishing method
8,755,784Detecting subscriber input via a wireless communication device for initiating network provisioning of such device
8,755,820Location-based services in a femtocell network
8,755,821Location reporting responsive to transitions in motional state of wireless equipment
8,756,035Visualization employing heat maps to convey quality, prognostics, or diagnostics information
8,756,041Industrial simulation using redirected I/O module configurations
8,756,376Mitigate flash write latency and bandwidth limitation with a sector-based write activity log
8,756,498Electronic apparatus with dictionary function and computer-readable medium
8,756,521Systems and methods for automatic visualization configuration
8,757,795Component supporting device and ink-jet device
8,760,126Driving device for capacitance type actuator and driving device for ink jet head
8,760,384Image display apparatus and image display method
8,760,480Image erasing apparatus and image forming apparatus
8,760,681Image forming apparatus and image processing method
8,760,715Print job management system, print job management apparatus, and print job management method for managing print jobs including acquiring process completion time and displaying information regarding processing completion time for each of image forming apparatuses as a list
8,760,878Floating circuit board alignment
8,760,999Core network disaster recovery architecture
8,761,051Indoor competitive survey of wireless networks
8,761,125Scalable wireless mesh networks
8,761,209System and method for the aggregation of 10GBASE-R signals into pseudo 100GBASE-R signals
8,761,258Enhanced block-based motion estimation algorithms for video compression
8,761,507Bilateral filter optimization
8,761,661Regulation of service in restricted telecommunication service area
8,761,773GSM rescue handover utilizing adaptive multirate half-rate
8,761,781Facilitation of determination of antenna location
8,761,799Location analytics employing timed fingerprint location information
8,762,048Automatic travel time and routing determinations in a wireless network
8,762,362System and method for updating a data structure
8,762,436Frequency synthesis with low resolution rational division
8,762,498Apparatus, system, and method for communicating to a network through a virtual domain
8,762,915System and method for integrated circuit die size reduction
8,763,082Interactive client management of an access control list
8,763,149Site dependent embedded media playback manipulation
8,763,884Joint with first and second members with a joining layer located therebetween containing Sn metal and another metallic material; methods for forming the same joint
8,765,258Cover film
8,767,035In-call command control
8,767,239Printing data delivery apparatus, printing data delivery system, and printing apparatus
8,767,656QoS channels for multimedia services on a general purpose operating system platform using data cards
8,767,757Packet forwarding system and method using patricia trie configured hardware
8,768,309Reminders based on device presence
8,768,356Dual mode device with MAC address capture and pairing
8,768,418Method and apparatus for allocating a beacon signal in a wireless communications network
8,769,143Mobile device application for automatic filtering of transmitted data content
8,772,485Palladium complexes for organic light-emitting diodes
8,772,966System and method for selecting a power supply source
8,773,261Medication management apparatus and system
8,773,714Image forming apparatus
8,773,875Power conversion apparatus
8,774,111Fair and efficient channel allocation and spectrum sensing for cognitive OFDMA networks
8,774,164Adaptive R99 and HS PS (high speed packet-switched) link diversity for coverage and capacity enhancement of circuit-switched calls
8,774,400Method for protecting data against differntial fault analysis involved in rivest, shamir, and adleman cryptography using the chinese remainder theorem
8,774,967Robot control apparatus
8,775,502Data routing in a content distribution network for mobility delivery
8,775,752Virtual memory management apparatus and memory management apparatus
8,776,092Multiple interface support
8,776,650Punch unit, sheet post-processing apparatus having the same, and method of punching sheets
8,777,381Inkjet head and method of manufacturing the same
8,777,748Electronic gaming device with feedback
8,778,830Solid supported gold nanoparticles, methods of use thereof, and methods for making same
8,780,049Alphabetic character input apparatus and method thereof
8,780,157Imaging element array and image forming apparatus
8,781,154Systems and methods facilitating random number generation for hashes in video and audio applications
8,781,344Image forming apparatus, image forming method, and fixing apparatus
8,781,368Image forming apparatus with reduced charge leakage
8,782,049Keyword presenting device
8,782,067Searching method, searching device and recording medium recording a computer program
8,782,159Method and system for creating and sending handwritten or handdrawn messages via mobile devices
8,782,249Message engine
8,782,282Network management system
8,782,448Communication device for transmitting received start-up signal and power signal for starting up a designated node
8,782,727Adaptive video stream testing
8,782,771Real-time industrial firewall
8,783,247Pressure release systems, apparatus and methods
8,783,554Information reading apparatus, commodity sales information processing apparatus, and pasted object
8,785,097Erasable toner and process for production thereof
8,786,246Power resource management
8,786,319Latch isolation circuit
8,786,449System-on-chip with thermal management core
8,786,819Plastic flat display and method for manufacturing same
8,787,244Method and device for user cooperative communication
8,787,331Femtocell local breakout mechanisms
8,787,342Intra-premises content and equipment management in a femtocell network
8,787,428Soft forwarding for cooperative wireless communication
8,787,454Method and apparatus for data compression using content-based features
8,787,887Promotion operable recognition system
8,788,314Method and system for facility location optimization
8,788,503Content identification
8,788,621Method, device, and computer product for managing communication situation
8,788,659Playlist analytics
8,788,726Data transmission system, storage medium and data transmission program
8,788,740Data commit on multicycle pass complete without error
8,789,013Ordered execution of events in a data-driven architecture
8,789,080Viewing behavior learning apparatus
8,789,083System for sessionizing log events from a streaming log event source and reducing latency
8,790,857Toner and process for production thereof
8,792,235Electronic apparatus
8,792,271Magnetic memory device and method of magnetic domain wall motion
8,792,419Presence-based communication routing service and regulation of same
8,792,455Employing physical location geo-spatial co-ordinate of communication device as part of internet protocol
8,792,500Multiuser scheduling for MIMO broadcast channels with finite rate feedback
8,792,536Repeater using digital filter and method for digital filtering using the same
8,792,643System and methodology for decrypting encrypted media
8,792,789Optimized chromatic dispersion filter
8,793,334Network-attached storage (NAS) bandwidth manager
8,793,363Systems and methods for real-time service assurance
8,793,435Load miss result buffer with shared data lines
8,793,806Systems and methods to selectively limit access only to a subset of content, identified in a whitelist, of a library of content
8,793,992Thermoelectric device for use with Stirling engine
8,794,726Inkjet head driving device
8,794,824Case unit with opening covered with light transmission member, portable apparatus including such case unit, and method for assembling such case unit
8,797,015Switching power supply device, and adjustable power supply system including the same
8,797,143Information processing apparatus
8,797,205A/D conversion device and radio device
8,797,585Image processing system, information providing apparatus, and information providing method for simultaneously displaying environmental burden reductions in an image forming apparatus and an erasing apparatus
8,798,017Home service integration and management by employing local breakout mechanisms in a femtocell
8,798,094Presence-based network service availability announcements
8,798,604Distributed locater, alert, repeater, and/or call technologies for communication devices
8,798,608System and method for controlling the use of a wireless device
8,798,614Enhanced communication service for predicting and handling communication interruption
8,798,775Binding graphic elements to controller data
8,798,965Generating three-dimensional models from images
8,799,091POS terminal and control method
8,799,165Electronic signature security algorithms
8,799,495Multiple devices multimedia control
8,799,800Automatic user interface generation
8,799,820Dynamically scaled messaging content
8,799,990Policy-based privacy protection in converged communication networks
8,800,353Humidity and osmotic suction-controlled box
8,800,478Film formation system and film formation method
8,801,147Inkjet head and inkjet recording apparatus
8,802,974Solar cell
8,803,185Light emitting diode package and method of fabricating the same
8,803,667Systems and methods for notifying multiple hosts from an industrial controller
8,803,779Computer system display driving method and system with means for recognizing the driving method of the display
8,803,933Printing apparatus and printing method
8,804,527Locative social networking using a mobile device
8,804,835Fast motion estimation in scalable video coding
8,805,072Binarized threshold value determination device, method thereof, and image processing device
8,805,090Matching based upon rank
8,805,092Store system, reading apparatus, and sales registration apparatus
8,805,212Image forming apparatus, failure information notification system and failure information notification method
8,805,218Image forming apparatus, toner image transfer and fixing method, and computer-readable recording medium having recorded thereon toner image transfer and fixing program
8,805,224Image forming apparatus
8,805,346Caller information retrieval system for unavailable calls
8,805,381Femto jamming of macro pilot
8,805,428Cooperative spectrum sensing in cognitive radio networks
8,805,560Noise based interest point density pruning
8,805,683Real-time audio recognition protocol
8,805,752Learning device, learning method, and computer program product
8,805,760Historians embedded in industrial units
8,805,830Web application for accessing media streams
8,806,078Information processing device and program product
8,806,099Information technology integration with automation systems
8,806,135Load store unit with load miss result buffer
8,806,140Dynamic memory module switching with read prefetch caching
8,807,709Ink-jet head and method of manufacturing ink-jet head
8,808,977Method of inactivating virus in circular blood and its applications in treating viral diseases
8,809,987Normally-off III-nitride metal-2DEG tunnel junction field-effect transistors
8,810,128Organic electroluminescent device and illumination apparatus
8,810,449Satellite radio receiver
8,810,922Fixed focal length optical lens architecture providing a customized depth of focus optical system
8,811,176Femto cell access point passthrough model
8,811,392Lightweight control-plane signaling for aggregation devices in a network
8,811,514Partial interference alignment for K-user MIMO interference channels
8,811,977Device-driven intelligence and feedback for performance optimization and planning of a service network
8,811,994Closed loop heterogeneous network for automatic cell planning
8,812,049Femto cell signaling gating
8,812,290Text display apparatus and recording medium recording text display program
8,812,347Aggregating and capturing subscriber traffic
8,812,684Messaging configuration system
8,813,238Digital rights management with irregular network access
8,813,646Label printer with peeling unit having adjustable guide surfaces
8,816,525Electric power supply device for sliding door
8,817,691Resource allocation for OFDMA systems with half-duplex relay(s) and corresponding transmission protocol
8,817,699Service continuity during local breakout in a femtocell
8,817,750Access control for macrocell to femtocell handover
8,818,219Image forming apparatus and toner charge amount adjustment method of the image forming apparatus
8,818,404FEMTO cell visitation history for location based services
8,818,757Modular object and host matching
8,819,033Content processing device
8,819,540Systems and methods that utilize scalable vector graphics to provide web-based visualization of a device
8,819,548Multiple language development environment using shared resources
8,819,759Determining the location of a point of interest in a media stream that includes caption data
8,819,838Piracy prevention in digital rights management systems
8,823,453Instrumentation amplifier with rail-to-rail input range
8,823,846Pausing digital readout of an optical sensor array
8,824,006Color correction apparatus and color correction method
8,824,364Targeting communications in a femtocell network
8,824,375Dynamic reconfiguration of cell site service(s)
8,825,057Range expansion in a wireless network environment
8,825,064Femtocell measurements for merger integration planning
8,825,097Emergency notification system for a portable device
8,825,551Digital rights management for local recording and home network distribution
8,825,869Method and system for deploying content to wireless devices
8,825,893Relay device, relay method and relay system
8,827,146Label issuing device and label issuing method
8,827,399Inkjet recording apparatus and inkjet recording method
8,828,276Metal nanoparticle dispersion
8,828,280Paste composition for solar cell, manufacturing method therefor and solar cell
8,830,127Patch antenna and method of mounting the same
8,830,285Printing apparatus and printing method
8,830,511Environmental contribution supporting apparatus and environmental contribution supporting method with images and messages encouraging usage of duplex, n-up, and decolorizable ink type printing
8,831,111Decoding with embedded denoising
8,831,391Optical fiber cutting blade, optical fiber cutting device and method of cutting off the optical fiber, as well as component for peeling the coating and breaking the optical fiber and method of peeling the coating and breaking the optical fiber
8,831,554Management of a multi-application mobile carrier tree
8,831,566Femtocell local breakout management services
8,831,578Managing multiple CLI identities
8,831,751Automatically adjustable industrial control configuration
8,831,763Intelligent interest point pruning for audio matching
8,831,789Goal-based load management
8,832,335Control device and computer program product
8,832,483System-on-chip with power-save mode processor
8,832,579System for creation and management of industrial automation and information solutions and services
8,832,741Real time overlays on live streams
8,833,584Closure with utensil retention mechanism
8,834,048Printer with cutter having blade including linerless label supporting portion
8,834,583Nano-sized zinc oxide particles for fuel
8,835,777Electronic device
8,836,711Method for displaying divided screens on a display and electronic device applying the method
8,836,996Image forming apparatus, management method of image forming processing, and computer-readable recording medium on which program is recorded
8,837,747Apparatus, method, and program product for presenting moving image with sound
8,837,819Systems and methods for facilitating identification of and interaction with objects in a video or image frame
8,838,121Image processing apparatus, method and computer-readable storage medium
8,838,609IDF weighting of LSH bands for live reference ingestion
8,838,789Monitoring device and a server
8,838,822Media converter and a system for mutually converting a packet-based data stream into a serial data stream
8,838,826Scalable robust live streaming system
8,838,999Cut-through packet stream encryption/decryption
8,839,947System for conveying biomass for collection, transport, or processing
8,842,920Systems and methods for facilitating crop-invariant video fingerprinting using wavelet transforms
8,842,965Large scale video event classification
8,843,079Communication apparatus and program for identifying faults and computer program storage medium
8,843,853Home screen user interface for electronic device display
8,843,983Video decomposition and recomposition
8,845,062Density correction system
8,847,9483D model comparison
8,848,686Single carrier-frequency-division multiple access (SC-FDMA) physical uplink control channel (PUCCH) 2/2a/2b detection
8,848,711Global IP-based service-oriented network architecture
8,849,161Image forming apparatus and method for image forming
8,849,427Jog push button
8,850,048Reciprocal addition of attribute fields in access control lists and profiles for femto cell coverage management
8,850,121Outstanding load miss buffer with shared entries
8,850,469Distribution of video in multiple rating formats
8,850,470Personal base station system with wireless video capability
8,854,424Generating an aerial display of three-dimensional images from a single two-dimensional image or a sequence of two-dimensional images
8,854,661Tool for positioning an icon on a display
8,854,673Image forming apparatus and image forming method for controlling sending of an advertising packet
8,855,258Transmitters and receivers using a jitter-attenuated clock derived from a gapped clock reference
8,855,532Image forming apparatus and image forming method for forming an image covering another image by a color erasable recoding material
8,855,539Induction heating type fuser and image forming apparatus
8,855,625Dynamic steering of traffic across radio access networks
8,855,791Industrial operator interfaces interacting with higher-level business workflow
8,856,035Store system and sales registration method
8,856,522Security, safety, and redundancy employing controller engine instances
8,856,878Management of access to service in an access point
D699,272Retainer for linear motion guide unit
RE44,327Drag-and-drop dynamic distributed object model